Monday, March 26, 2012

Can the IRS put a stop to Tax Return Fraud?

It seems as though everyday there is another article discussing the hurdles about digitizing common recurring tasks - like filing your taxes. It appears that thieves are filing fraudulent tax returns because of the process the IRS goes through to review a tax return. Click here to read the article on CNN.

Debit cards are a huge problem because they are widely used by legitimate taxpayers who may not have a bank account.
Over one hundred and forty million Americans are filing their returns every year and not every taxpayer has a bank account, so the debit cards that are issued by a third-party provider are a legitimate way for taxpayers to get their refund.

Last year, the IRS reported 938,664 fraudulent returns related to identity theft, totaling $6.5 billion. It appears that there are more folks attempting identity theft. Last year, the IRS identified at least 582,000 taxpayers who were the victims of identity theft, which is more than double the amount from only three years prior.

In testimony before Congress last year, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson said the IRS has implemented a number of filters to catch the fraud, including an electronic marker to mark accounts of verified identity theft victims, an IRS identity theft affidavit form and a standardized list of acceptable documents to substantiate identity theft.

The number of fraudulent returns is having a major impact on other law abiding taxpayers.
The IRS began issuing an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number to victims of identity theft when filing their future returns. What they should be issuing identity theft victims is an automatically changing identity barcode, that changes every minute so if that person was targeted by thieves once, it isn’t likely to happen again because the culprits won’t be able to track that person’s changing barcode. 

It seems the IRS is caught in a bit of a quagmire because they want to get tax refunds into the hands of taxpayers but at the same time they are trying to deal with fraud in crude ways. The way to deal with this kind of fraud is to prevent the thieves from ever gaining access to anyone’s identity in the first place. 

With ePass, our changing barcode technology puts a stop-gap in place that can be used for all taxpayers and not just the ones who have already been victimized. Below is a video endorsement from a retired FBI agent who specialized in bank fraud and has been exposed to a variety of security solutions. Click the play button to watch his testimonial. 

Visit our website to learn more about how our technology can help your organization protect sensitive customer or client information and keep it out of the hands of the ever-growing number of thieves looking to steal from or gain unauthorized access to secure and confidential information. 

Call our Sales Team at (305) 343-7480 to learn more about how ePass can secure all of your electronic transactions. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

ePass and the Future of Online Lottery Sales

According to a recent article in USA Today, some states are considering letting residents purchase their lotto tickets online. Obviously reducing or eliminating the chance of fraud will be a major criteria online lotteries must take into account. With ePass, the lottery player can digitally circle the numbers of their choice. Once their selections are registered, they would be assigned an electronic ticket with a changing barcode that's associated with the ticket they purchased.

online lottery
A real solution for fraud prevention in online lotteries.

Here is a link to a video showing the possibilities of what online lotteries could be like in the not so distant future with the ePass solution.

Basically, it's our secure changing barcode algorithm that allows ePass to offer solutions to challenges like online lottery sales or confirmation of admission to ticketed or secure events where credential verification is needed.

With the changing barcode technology, even if the person who purchased their ticket should ever loose their electronic device, that won't matter because the barcode will always be changing until the lottery draw actually takes place. Now, if someone looses their phone with their digital ticket on it, the barcode associated with that ticket can be changed so the ticket on the device in the hands of the thief is no longer of any consequence. In today's world, if someone lost their ticket, that's tough luck for them. With ePass there is no chance of losing your ticket because it's in a secure digital format.

With the ePass, eLotto app, there's no need to go to the corner store or check the newspaper or look online because the winning numbers appear as circles when the actual live drawing takes place. If you're the winner, you're instantly notified about how much you won and if your ticket isn't a winner, well you're told to try again next drawing. The changing barcode prevents anyone else but the registered player from claiming the prize. 

The eLotto app circles the numbers when they are selected at the live drawing.
You're notified instantly if you're holding the winning ticket.
You're even given redemption options as to how you would like to receive your winnings.

For more information about how ePass can help your company with online lottery transactions, visit our website at for call (305) 343-7480 and our Sales Team will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The TSA is Considering Automating ID Checks

The Transportation Security Administration has announced plans to test machines that can electronically verify passengers' travel documents because the repetitive task of visually inspecting boarding passes leaves plenty of room for human error. They are calling it Credential Authentication Technology - basically boarding pass scanning systems. Click the article link below to read the story published in the New York Times

TSA announced plans to test machines to electronically check passengers' travel documents.
The TSA has come under scrutiny because there have been instances of vulnerability where passengers have flown with an expired or duplicate boarding pass. With the new convenience of online check-in, it is easy to digitally alter a real boarding pass with a different name or new travel date and print a copy that would get throuh the visual scrutiny TSA is currently using.

ePass's secure changing barcode technology is a viable option to address the concerns facing TSA. Our technology changes the barcode every minute which makes it impossible to create fraudulent documents.

For more information on ePass and about our technology, we encourage you visit our website at to witness our technology in action. Contact us at (305) 343-7480 to speak with our Sales Team directly and learn how ePass is the leader in credential authentication technology.

Friday, March 9, 2012

ePass Gets an Endorsement from an FBI Special Agent

Receiving endorsements is always something we enjoy at ePass, however, when a retired FBI Special Agent, who has seen some of the best government and private sector security protocols, claims that our secure changing barcode technology is some of the best he's every seen, well that's worth sharing with others.

Click on the video thumbnail below to hear his endorsement.

Here are some features that show why so many people are endorsing ePass:

  • Automatically changing bar code system™" by eCredentials™, Inc.
  • Distribution (accessibility accessed remotely worldwide)
  • Our patents and trademarks protected Intellectual Property Algorithms, and support systems equipment
  • Strap Case Assembly™ (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID sensor) for all smartphones
  • Dedicated ePass™ units (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID locator)
  • ePass™ eCredentials™ App on all app stores or online at our website - download free to all users to register, and to event organizers to securely utilize
  • Back end Admin system - PC based licensed or sold to any event organizers or their appointed register company
  • Wireless hand bar code scanner equipment (Standard equipment)
  • Wireless automatic entrance auto changing barcode™ RFID scanner reader equipment (our Intellectual property version of RFID tied to our changing barcode system™ scanner)
Call our offices at (305) 343-7480 and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about licensing or implementing ePass for all your secure electronic transaction needs.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pat Summerall Endorses ePass

Pat Summerall is well known for calling some of the most memorable plays in the NFL. Watch the video below and see Mr. Summerall's endorsement of the ePass app and listen to his suggestions about licensing this technology if you or your business are involved in electronic transactions.

We've included a transcript of the video below in case you'd prefer to read Mr. Summerall's comments...

"Hi, I’m Pat Summerall. For over forty years, my voice brought to you some of the most memorable plays in the NFL. Today, I’m here to tell you about an incredible new invention that will ensure for the first time the most secure electronic transactions.

I am proud to introduce you to a brilliant new technology that has never been available before now. I’m talking about a totally secure automatic changing barcode which has the capability of changing every minute. Invented by Alan Amron, exclusively for our company eCredentials, this amazing new algorithm will revolutionize how the world buys and distributes all future electronic transactions whether it’s for a sporting event, an airline ticket, concerts or even media credentials – something I know all about. And it’s secure.

Here’s how it works… You download our free ePass app to your Smartphone and follow the easy steps to sign up. Then the event you’re attending will simply and securely send your eTicket to your Smartphone. Or, if you have an app of your own or are interested in building your brand with your own secure electronic ticketing app, then licensing the ePass changing barcode technology might be another option for you to explore. Licensing can help you further reduce your transaction cost while providing a secure transaction for your customers.

This amazing one of a kind technology has the capability of doing something that’s never been done before with electronic transactions including identity theft and eliminating fraud that is all because of this brilliant invention of our automatically changing barcode.

Most importantly it’s environmentally friendly because it eliminates the use of plastic and paper. Use the ePass platform or license the technology, either way, the patented ePass technology is simply the most cost efficient, secure, green method to sell, distribute and use tickets that exist today.

Join me and go green – the secure way."

End of transcription.