Friday, February 10, 2012

Boston Red Sox Implement Digital Ticketing Initiative

It seems as though more and more major events are looking to implement digital ticketing. One of the reservations that ticket-holders and stadium owners have is the security of these digital transactions. As we've blogged about in the past, the solution is a constantly changing barcode algorithm that never stays the same which prevents ticket resalers from marking up the price.

The Red Sox are making the upper bleacher seats at Fenway Park available digitally so fans can purchase these seats for the stadium price of $12.00 per ticket.

The Red Sox are looking to gradually eliminate those people who are purchasing specific seats solely for the purpose of resale. They want to get these tickets into the hands of fans and families who are looking to enjoy a baseball game at a reasonable price.

We congratulate the Red Sox for this, however, their current policy requires the person that purchased the ticket to bring the credit card they used for the purchase and present it upon entry to the stadium. Well, we can just see a plethora or problems arising here. The person may have forgot that specific credit card, maybe they bought the tickets for their kids or friends to go to the game and don't want to hand over their credit card. By using eSecure Barcode technology, the stadium could issue digital tickets and not require that the fan do anything else but come to the ballpark!

As other stadiums begin to look at digital ticketing initiatives, they also need to consider ways to make the purchasing and security of these tickets as convenient as possible. By using changing barcode technology, the stadium can get tickets (at the proper price) to the fans and the fans get a seamless digital transaction from purchasing their tickets to arrive at the stadium hassle-free.

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