Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally a secure electronic barcode - in an automatically changing barcode algorithm Invented by ePass™

A New Free App now available at the Apple iTunes, Android and Amazon App stores - called ePass (the secure electronic pass – the secure electronic credentials - the secure electronic barcode)

Years ago the grocery industry invented printed barcodes to accurately identify and keep track of people and things.

Today eCredentials™ invented an electronic automatically changing barcode algorithm to securely and accurately identify and keep track of people and things.

It's not until the rightful owner goes to use his or her changing barcode, where it then stops changing and is instantly authenticated by ePass's backend admin system. After each secure use, it starts changing again.

ePasses, eTickets, eBadges, eCredentials, eEvents, eSecure Barcodes

1- User registers with ePassApp.

2- User purchases or is assigned an event from an event organizer.

3- The event organizer pushes the event eCredentials, eTicket, eBadge, ePass directly to the registered users Smartphone, iPod Touch or Dedicated ePass unit with the world’s first Automatically Changing every minute completely secure Barcode System, which makes all the electronic transactions to and from the ePass user completely safe and secure.

4- At the event the organizer can sell and or give out ePass Display Strap and or Clip on Rubber Cases to the users. (Reusable – Portrait and or Landscape mode)

5- Dedicated ePass Display Case Assemblys are weather resistant, have battery backup, universal charger plug, RFID identification sensor and stackable quick storage and charging stations for quick distribution and quick collection at the event. 

6- Push messages can be sent to a specific user and/or groups of users from the event organizer.

SECURE barcode uses listed below on Smartphones, iPod Touches and our dedicated ePass units, but not limited to these:

SECURE - Airlines eTicketing

SECURE - Press eCredentials and ePasses

SECURE - Sporting Events eTickets

SECURE - Concerts eTickets

SECURE - Conventions eBadges

SECURE - Government or private eCredentials and Eidentifications

SECURE - Movies eTickets and ePasses

SECURE - Shows eTickets and ePasses

SECURE - eLotto eTickets

SECURE - Backstage, Studio and Crew ePasses

SECURE – eVin Numbers on Cars to prevent auto theft

SECURE – eBank, eCredit, eDebit, eCards

SECURE – eProducts Eidentification


         Duplication • Counterfeiting • Theft • Forgery • Scalping

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