Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NOW AVAILABLE - Introducing the new free ePass App

Recently, ePass just launched their newest APP on the Android Market. Now an event organizer can push the event eCredentials, eTicket, eBadge or ePass directly to the registered users' Smartphone, iPod or dedicated ePass unit using the world's first automatically changing every minute Barcode System. All the electronic transactions to and from the ePass user are completely safe and secure. 

Below is an image of the ePass App in the Market. It's a free App to download and install so we encourage you to try ePass' new technology and rate the App in the Market. You can visit our website at www.esecurebarcodes.com or www.epassapp.com to learn more about our products and technology. 

The new ePass App is now available to download and install on your Smartphone.

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