Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scanning Your Smartphone Makes Travel Easier

With our newly developed secure barcode changing software, common everyday tasks are going to get a lot easier.

In the image above, a user is having her smartphone scanned to claim her boarding pass using ePass software and technology on her smartphone.

With the arrival of smartphones on the scene, ePass has invented an automatically changing barcode algorithm to do the same job. The difference is that this technology helps users to receive all their credentials, passes and tickets directly on their smartphones or ePass dedicated devices regardless of where they are.

As the Security Code is constantly changing, it eliminates unauthorized access, thus enhancing the security of the device. When the barcode stops changing, it means that the user has been authenticated. Once the authentication has been secured then the barcode starts changing again. Entry is automatic as the credentials are scanned wirelessly.

This secure changing barcode can be used in banks, airlines, movies, on cars and much more. This new free app now Available at the Apple iTunes, Android Market and Amazon App Stores helps to prevent counterfeiting, fraud and duplication.

To learn more about this software and technology, please contact our ePass offices at (305) 343-7480. Our Sales Representatives will be glad to answer your questions and demonstrate how our secure changing barcode software can take security for your events to the next level.

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