Friday, March 9, 2012

ePass Gets an Endorsement from an FBI Special Agent

Receiving endorsements is always something we enjoy at ePass, however, when a retired FBI Special Agent, who has seen some of the best government and private sector security protocols, claims that our secure changing barcode technology is some of the best he's every seen, well that's worth sharing with others.

Click on the video thumbnail below to hear his endorsement.

Here are some features that show why so many people are endorsing ePass:

  • Automatically changing bar code system™" by eCredentials™, Inc.
  • Distribution (accessibility accessed remotely worldwide)
  • Our patents and trademarks protected Intellectual Property Algorithms, and support systems equipment
  • Strap Case Assembly™ (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID sensor) for all smartphones
  • Dedicated ePass™ units (solar charged, stackable plug in charged, battery back up, RFID locator)
  • ePass™ eCredentials™ App on all app stores or online at our website - download free to all users to register, and to event organizers to securely utilize
  • Back end Admin system - PC based licensed or sold to any event organizers or their appointed register company
  • Wireless hand bar code scanner equipment (Standard equipment)
  • Wireless automatic entrance auto changing barcode™ RFID scanner reader equipment (our Intellectual property version of RFID tied to our changing barcode system™ scanner)
Call our offices at (305) 343-7480 and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about licensing or implementing ePass for all your secure electronic transaction needs.

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