Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pat Summerall Endorses ePass

Pat Summerall is well known for calling some of the most memorable plays in the NFL. Watch the video below and see Mr. Summerall's endorsement of the ePass app and listen to his suggestions about licensing this technology if you or your business are involved in electronic transactions.

We've included a transcript of the video below in case you'd prefer to read Mr. Summerall's comments...

"Hi, I’m Pat Summerall. For over forty years, my voice brought to you some of the most memorable plays in the NFL. Today, I’m here to tell you about an incredible new invention that will ensure for the first time the most secure electronic transactions.

I am proud to introduce you to a brilliant new technology that has never been available before now. I’m talking about a totally secure automatic changing barcode which has the capability of changing every minute. Invented by Alan Amron, exclusively for our company eCredentials, this amazing new algorithm will revolutionize how the world buys and distributes all future electronic transactions whether it’s for a sporting event, an airline ticket, concerts or even media credentials – something I know all about. And it’s secure.

Here’s how it works… You download our free ePass app to your Smartphone and follow the easy steps to sign up. Then the event you’re attending will simply and securely send your eTicket to your Smartphone. Or, if you have an app of your own or are interested in building your brand with your own secure electronic ticketing app, then licensing the ePass changing barcode technology might be another option for you to explore. Licensing can help you further reduce your transaction cost while providing a secure transaction for your customers.

This amazing one of a kind technology has the capability of doing something that’s never been done before with electronic transactions including identity theft and eliminating fraud that is all because of this brilliant invention of our automatically changing barcode.

Most importantly it’s environmentally friendly because it eliminates the use of plastic and paper. Use the ePass platform or license the technology, either way, the patented ePass technology is simply the most cost efficient, secure, green method to sell, distribute and use tickets that exist today.

Join me and go green – the secure way."

End of transcription.

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