Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The TSA is Considering Automating ID Checks

The Transportation Security Administration has announced plans to test machines that can electronically verify passengers' travel documents because the repetitive task of visually inspecting boarding passes leaves plenty of room for human error. They are calling it Credential Authentication Technology - basically boarding pass scanning systems. Click the article link below to read the story published in the New York Times

TSA announced plans to test machines to electronically check passengers' travel documents.
The TSA has come under scrutiny because there have been instances of vulnerability where passengers have flown with an expired or duplicate boarding pass. With the new convenience of online check-in, it is easy to digitally alter a real boarding pass with a different name or new travel date and print a copy that would get throuh the visual scrutiny TSA is currently using.

ePass's secure changing barcode technology is a viable option to address the concerns facing TSA. Our technology changes the barcode every minute which makes it impossible to create fraudulent documents.

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